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sosc1910 - Lecture 5

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Social Science
SOSC 1910
Nadiah Habib

Lecture5 Why Is The Third World UnderdevelopedModernization Theory Theoretically social scientists and theorists have shifted their focus since WW II Theories began to develop on how the underdeveloped countries could attain development first on the scene Modernization Theory The first Phase of development discourse 1Postwar restructuring and Bretton Woods The second Phase of development discourse 2and The golden Years 19501960s in which some of these theories developed MODERNIZATION THEORY This model was developed by economists theorists and bureaucrats who were far removed from the Third WorldModernization theory claimed that the reason for the third worlds underdevelopment was internal because the third world had not modernized successfully the modernization theoryadvanced a theoretical model based on the experience of the development of Britain US and Japan particularly the British Modeland suggested that these models be applied as a template onto developing countries and advanced that allsocieties were alike and followed the same stages ALL SOCIETIES ARE ALIKE SOCIETIES MUST PASS FROM THE TRADITIONAL STAGETO THE MODERN STAGE MODELED ONSTAGES OF DEVELOPMENT TAKEN FROM BRITAIN USAJAPAN THIS THEORY WAS INFLUENCED BY WALT ROSTOWS WORK THE TRANSITION FROM TRADITIONAL TO MODERN SOCIETIESWHO ARGUED THIRD WORLD COULD REPRODUCE THE BRITISH MOD
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