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sosc1910 - Lecture 3

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Social Science
SOSC 1910
Nadiah Habib

Lecture3 What is Development IILast class we ended with the idea that we needed to look at Human Centered Developmentand for Human Centered Development we need to look closely at HDI human development indexHow do we measure thatThe realization of Human potential includes Justice Sustainability and Inclusiveness1Justice We must give priority to assuring a decent human existence for all people2Sustainability The earths resources must be used in ways that assure the wellbeing of future generations3Inclusiveness every person must have the opportunity to be a recognized and respected contributor to family in the varied ways that that is conceived community and societyHuman need centered development a term for development where the level of satisfaction of various dimensions of human needs is considered to have improvedThis includes1low levels of material poverty2low level of unemployment3relative equality4democratization of political life5true national independence6good literacy and educational levels7relatively equal status for women and participation by women8sustainable ability to meet future needs9human securityand a realization that individuals require social capitalSocial capitalthe ability of people to work together for common purposes in groups and organizationsIf capital in general is thought of in terms of accumulated resources which allows for productive activity then social capital is an aspect of human capitalThat means capital which is embodied less in land factories and buildings and more in human beings their knowledge and skillsPart of that human capital has to do with the ability of human beings to associate with one another which in turn comes from shared values and the subordination of individual interestsOut of shared values comes trust which has a large and measurable economic valueThere is an ongoing tension between those advocating human centred developmentthose pushing for free market forces More often we are taken by the free market forces because that perspective is part of the dominant ideology and serves to reinforce the status quo and privilege the perspective of those who are already rdon top this perspective is the one we are the most subjected to where the people of the 3 world are portrayed as just helpless needy victimsHuman centred development challenges these dominant ideas about the developing world People from developing countries are diverse 1
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