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York University
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SOSC 1920
Elizabeth Brule

Politcal economy framwork= for ester= homelessnesss, drug addcition, different variables being female and her ages critical analye esters situation Publicmissue but not private because ti concersn one person that why it is a public issuebeing conceptual= Not enough help to people being issues the social instituions were not available and some social instituions ( childs aid, social services, family, homelese shelters actual family structuressweep sweeping took them away from street and straight to jail , media construction of homelessness, signs framework, Tlak about spocial political and economics it is a and talk about the ideology limited accountability in the programs available  MIKE  RAPPER?lmaoo  He is a poet he goes by spud and he is a yor graduate  Identities speech  Carabiean guyanaese Canadians  Issues facig balck people= lack of identity the iossues stems from mostb black peope have a notion of a just come gerneation  Used to be open discriminatory  And after trudeua policiyes more open up for balck peole  The europena to sttle used an African interpritor to intereper it
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