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constructions of hegemonic masculinity

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Social Science
SOSC 1920
Elizabeth Brule

30 Constructions of Hegemonic Masculinity Readings: Michael Kimmel, “Masculinity as Homophobia: Fear, Shame, and Silence in the Construction of Gender Identity” [KIT]. Film: Tough Guise 2008 [DVD #7796—88min.] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tutorial: [canceled] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lecture: • Hegemonic masculinity - dominant model held up in western society for men to compare themselves to in relation to these dominant norms • Ideals - dominant norms • Most men they must make it clear theyre unlike women • Competition with eachother to prove theyre not women • Men must reject pink shirts • Social construct norms • Normalized and hegemonic • With hegemony comes power - ideology • Privileges to people who can adapt and live up these standards • Dominant social construction of masculinity - masculine hegemony • The opposition to boyhood, adolescence, the immature, the powerless child - other subordinate masculinities • Irving gothing (70s) - only one complete unblushing male in america, young married white urban heterosexual father of college education good looking sporty male. • Unattainable for most men • Counter cultures - emo • Embrace certain ideals while rebelling against others • All in relation to a dominant ideal - hegemonic masculinity (cultural ideal) -- largely impossible to attain - performance, script that supplies us with ideals of masculinity and femininity • Unachievable • Rejection of both femininity and homosexuality(sexual other) that doesn't fit heterosexual role • No hegemonic of femininity • Arose out of competition in a patristical society • Masculinity is more important than femininity of society (cultural hierarchy) • Part of masculinity is to never show emotion • Transition from girlhood to womenhood is an easier transition (less com
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