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Lecture 2

Male - Female Relationship Week 2

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Social Science
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SOSC 1920
Cheryl Cowdy- Crawford

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SOSC 1920 – WEEK 2 READING th Week 2 Lecture – September 24  Biological Determinism: biology determining physical features; physical characteristics that determine gender, race; extending the science to social behavior rather than simply biological processes  The still infuse and infiltrate our everyday lives and influence how we think about gender and biological sex Biological Constructs of Sex  The primary influence in the 18 century was religion (Christianity)  Based on the notion that god created man and women differently so that they could reproduce  Wasn’t until the 1900s that science began to emerge and join the debate  Scientific Revolution – scientist’s were beginning to discover anatomy and dissecting humans  Some drawings replicated much of the beliefs around gender characteristics  Charles Darwin – explained how male and female were different biologically o Came up with a theory while on a voyage – questions were prompted o Asking questions such as how do certain species come to be the way they are? Why was there such an astonishing variety among a species? Why do some species differ in some way yet remain similar in other ways? o Answered these questions with his theory of natural selection o Natural Selection - argued that changing environments, animals and species adapt. Those species that adapt well to their environments are reproductively successful. Those species that do not adapt well aren’t successful due to the fact that they usually die off.  The less adaptive you are the less you can pass on your characteristics o This idea of natural selection was used to look at male and female. o Idea of difference between human beings whether is was based on gender, race, class has now become a way of justifying inequities between society o Social Darwinism: scientists shorten the timespan for evolutionary science, emerged in the late 1800s early 1900s  Distorted Darwin’s theory and misapplied it to biological variations  This influence had been quite extensive  Malthusian Theory – in order for us to be successful as a population, he argued that we need population control o If people weren’t able to work, lazy characteristic were inherently biological and that they shouldn’t be able to reproduce o Vagrant/homeless people weren’t allowed to be vagrant  Eugenics – the belief that one race is better than another (Hitler) SOSC 1920 – WEEK 2 READING o Developed in the England/western world and made its way to north America o American
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