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York University
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SOSC 1920
Cheryl Cowdy- Crawford

SOSC 1920 – WEEK 15 SOSC 1920 – READINGS Peter Tragos – “Monster Masculinity: Honey, I'll Be In The Garage Reasserting My Manhood" • Looks at how traditional gender roles have been forted since the second world war in terms of women being considered and portrayed as needing to be strong and yet beautiful • Being strong like a man is okay, but you have to do it with flare • Argues that because of the changes that occurred socioeconomically, that men have experienced gender changes as well which are called the double burden of traditional gender roles with the opposite gender characteristics o Men now have to be strong but sensitive, embody masculinity but be nurturing/ the feminization of masculinity • Also argues that as femininity has been redefined, masculinity has been called into question – men no longer know what their role is to be o Because of this there has been a back lash which is embodied by shows like monster garage • Men perform masculinity for other men • The football commentator comments on the mans man world – talks about men in football and this need to display masculinity and compete with one another • This kind of objectification was a way to tell men that they’re still on top • Things like monster garage and American chopper are shows that represent the more traditional masculinity, a white hegemonic ideal •
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