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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Social Science
SOSC 1920
Elizabeth Brule

Lecture 10 – SOSC 1920 Trans- culture in the work of gender • What links TRANS together is the rejection of a normative experience that is defined by the sex biology compilation o Means: a broad term that includes and variety of identifications that range in different gender categories. Ex: transsexual, transgender, queer o Each category has a number of identities within them o TRANS also includes people that are cross dresses or drag queens, and/or lesbians o Refers to everyone that falls outside of the normative gender frame work. Society created the alignment where the gender, sex and biology are aligned with sexuality and that’s considered normal. Any deviation from this is considered under the norm. o Transgender: someone that doesn’t use medical intervention  Term used to be used as an umbrella term, but now its people that cross dress and are drag queens  Not only those who don’t identify with their normative gender but also don’t identify with their sex category that was assigned to them at birth o Some transsexual individuals have secondary sex characteristics modify to match the sex they really feel o TRANS people are found in all cultures and they all exhibit the same types of identities o Historically, in the North American culture, we tended to conflate TRANS sexuality with homosexuals and that’s an error. Not all TRANS identify as homosexuals, but some do. o TRANS and homosexual have been constructed as sexual deviance. Most sexualities that are not normative are considered homosexual deviance  This kind of generalization is based on a dominant heterosexual norm  In mid-evils times deviant sexuality such as trans sexuality were considered not normal but were still excepted  The church is responsible for the idea that sex is purely for reproductive purposes. Sex as pleasure is considered a sin. Eventually these ideas spread to the legal system and became criminalized  Sodomy is anything that’s deviant (sexual) – anything that was a sexual act not for the purpose of reproduction was considered sodomy  Continuing in histo
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