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Lecture 11

Lecture 11

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Social Science
SOSC 1920
Elizabeth Brule

SOSC 1920 – Lecture Theories and how they apply to everyday aspects of life and how we can conceptualize those theories and see how they apply to life • How stereotypes are inbedded historically and how they become normalized and racialized • Racialization: is a process of discursive production of racial identity, this racial identits impose a particular racial character on people, and this racial character we refer to as racialization • Circulation is like stereotyoes around slavery and the male black body and how those stereotypes reappear around us and in a variety of the media outlets surrounding us. • We understand race, racialization, class, ect are all things that are tied together and we tend to understand them together. • Stuart hall: o Examined stereopytes and considered how they function as a way to engage in heteronormative believes and race and gender ect. o He asks us to consider what stereopytes are, how they work and what they tell us and how they come about and who defines them , and who’s interests do these stereotypes serve. How do they shape and inform us about people and how do these idea limit peoples lifes and give provilage or advantage to other people. o He argues that stereotypes function by reducing people to a few essential c
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