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Social Science
SOSC 1930
Merle Jacobs

rdJanuary 3 2011 Yonge st and Eglinton Sporting Life Disability and Health Equity Health and Chapter 1617Stats CanadaDisability is socially constructed As we grow older we experience certain disablingAge and GenderMore women than men experiencing disability Types of DisabilityLearning DisabilityAccording to Statistics Canada more children in this country have a learning disability than all other types of disabilities combined According to Statistics Canada of all the children with disabilities in this country more than half 598 have a learning disability Statistics Canada reports that 32 of Canadian children have a learning disabilitythats the equivalent of one child in every school bus full of children Statistics Canada reports that as children make the transition from home to school the number diagnosed with a learning disability grows by nearly 25 These transition years are a key time during which we need to assess children and begin accommodating those with learning disabilities so they can reach their full potential According to Statistics Canada more than half a million adults in this country live with a learning disability making it more challenging for them to learn in universities and colleges and on the job According to Statistics Canada learning disabilities increased considerably between 2001 and 2006 among Canadians aged 15 and over by almost 40 per cent to 631000 people making it one of the fastest growing types of disabilities in Canada that isnt related to aging For a full copy of The Daily Release of December 3 2007 from Statistics Canada please go to httpwwwstatcancaDailyEnglish071203d071203ahtmChildren have a learning disability more than all the other disabilities combined Our schools are trying to implement programs to help themDisability
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