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SOSC 1930

Sosc movie Why do black people have babies that are underweight compared to white babies? Unequal treatment to African Americans affects babies before they are even born Women who take care of themselves (eat well, exercise) and stay away from drugs and have higher education are more likely to have a healthier baby But its not always like that Infant mortality isn’t just for black people it’s also for white people, preterm birth is the second leading death for infants Prebirth increases risks for diabetes and more High economic socio economic status SES have lower problems than those who have low SES Woman who are poor and less educated in any group are at the biggest risk from them all Infant mortality rates are still higher for black people that have college depress than white people that don’t have a degree African American women have a higher chance for premature birth compared to Americans or Africans, it only takes 1 generation from an immigrated family from Africa for a family to have a premature birth due to a lifetime of racism Racism a key factor, women that were treatedmunfailry, whether it be for a job had a 2x risk low weight birth Chronic stress, related to discrimination and being African American raises the risk for low weight birth rate Stress is related to premature birth and inflation inside uterus which is also related to premature birth Life course perspective – disparities in birth outcomes African Americans are more likely to have less job interviews, pay more taxes An African American without a criminal record is less likely to get a mob compared to a white male with a felony Main points Employment discrimination – felony vs non felony/ black vs white Racism cam invalidate SES – premature bright comparing black and whites with/without degrees Lice course PowerPoint Race – as a biologically meaningful category (genetic differences) is disputed by science Most have genetically more in common with individual from a different race than your own Race is socially meaningful People treat race as socially sig
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