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Social Science
SOSC 2110
Megan Davies

First Nations Health: Lecture Outline • 54% of aboriginal families report under 10,000 a year (Aboriginals tied to poverty) • Health status of Abor- First Nation Canadian die 10 years earlier then non-aboriginal • The experience of being a colonized people leads to higher rates of alcoholism, violent death(Suicide and homicide) • The most common death is drunk driving • Diseases of First Nation persons are related to poverty • 6x higher that 14-24 Aboriginals commit suicide than any other ethnic community in the world Aboriginal Health Today • Illness that seem to have a disproportionate amount of effect on Aboriginals • Because of the overcrowding and terrible housing condition they lead to repertory problems. • Before 1950s Aboriginals did not have diabetes- related to food, contamination in food sources, and lack of fresh meat • Fresh food costs a lot because of the cost of delivering to rural areas and therefore Aboriginals eat cheaper unhealthy food • There was an 8km move for the people of grass roots Government Health Policy • 1969- “White Paper”- take away the special status of aboriginal/ they get the rights of regular Canadians but don’t get any special rights they were promised in the treaties • 1979- New Federal Indian Health policy- first time the Canadian government consulted Aboriginal peoples • 1986- Federal Indian Heal
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