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York University
Social Science
SOSC 2110
Megan Davies

st Health in the 21 Century 21 Century Patient • How we apply healthcare pratcies to illness and our body- in the 21 we use it to change our bodies, fix our bodies, rely on the healthcare system on cronic diseases health care system • We have more people with diseases that are chronic illness and degenerative illness- technology improvements have made it possible for people to live with chronic illness which is the reason why we have more people with them (Functionally ill, and Unfunctionally ill) • We have diseases in waiting- prolong a persons lifespan before that person succumbs to the disease (Potential illness- potential to end our life but we can put that moment off) • Remission society- in the past we wouldn’t haven’t lived • Screening & Prevention- We now access healthcare to screen and prevent illness (Depend on technology- ex. To screen illness) • Alot of activism and consumerism- ownership of various diseases by organization • We have old illness’ that we have yet to master TB and new illness’ that contribute to the medicalization of our bodies (Flu. H1N1, bird flu)- medicalize human behaviour (Obesity, ADHD) • Post-Modern medical ‘experts’- Loss of faith in medical experts- we have information at our fingertips because of the interet • Much more knowledge based society and educated people/ more of us are literate, • Personal and lay knowledge- we have access to medical knowledge (Lay knowledge, and breaking information) • Health as a commodity- Have more liquid assets (cash) to be consumers in our healthcare system (Look around and consider options) • Transcends institution • 21 century health- experts in our own rights although we are untrained st 2. Health Technology in the 21 Century • Technology has also changed- we can use technology to treat illness and screen for it (Technology gives us answers) – promotes health activism & self- responsibility ex. Its your fault if you didn’t receive the warning signs and go for check ups) • Health Technology- control & ethics- We have more control & ethical questions (the ability to make choices about our bodies that we could never make
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