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Arthur Davis

Introduction  Put the health professionals in a medical place  How does health institution work Essonsdale Psychiatric Hospital- Riversview In British Colombia, is closed- it’s interesting to study because it could be understood as a site for policing medical norms and behaviours Holds many history’s and stories Old Men’s home, Victoria n.d. Place for poor old men, Megan suggest it wasn’t a bad day to live, children also lived there because their parents worked Queen Alexandra Solrium for cripped For disable children, founded after WWI- land donated by a solider, it is located near the water because salt water is suggest to be good for healing  Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria Maternity Unit & Hospice Institutions evolve The Early  The hospital is central to the development of mod. Med.  It is linked to many wider shifts, like increases in scale, the dominates of professional elite, human relationships, the dominate approach of using technology to deal with social problems  Provided very limited treatment and where not considered a good /safe to go.  Rich ppl nursed a home  The hospital become a place that treated disease and investigated it  The ward should be perfectly open from end to end, and from side to side. The hospital sergeant room must always overlook one ward and if not both. Each ward should be arranged as to prevent the patient going out or holding communication with persons’ outside- Sick Children’s hospital  The rise of specialized hospitals in the 19 century Montreal General Hospital  1948 Health Grants program, which provided federal funding for hospital construction  In 1955 Montreal hospital was built.  The tallest point on the skyline  People who built it saw it as a  It was important to make a statement about the modern world and for the whole city The modern scientific hospital  Professional evolution o Hierarchies with the hospitals o Health professionals were the major base of the hospital o Th
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