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Christy Leung Health in Crisis Class 8 Nov. 15/10 Poverty, Homelessness and Health - Measuring Poverty - basic needs poverty measure - the social gradient theory of income across levels all vary - natural causes - issue of poverty and stats repeatedly show if you are poor, this has a significant effect on your health; you expect to live less and feel less well; risk of acquiring a disability - being poor has a significant health effect - this health effect of poverty is difficult to overcome; if you’re a child born into poverty you may not be able to get out of poverty in your adulthood - causes of poverty is a lifelong impact - highly politically charged issue and the measurement has a statistical variant on who measures and calculates poverty - stats can use low income cut-off when one tries to measure poverty - low in-come cut-off (LICO) – double the rate of poverty - the stats Canada approach to measuring poverty and that it did increase in Canada in 1990’s and it’s been growing - developed by Fraser institute and determines the poor by household necessities (transportation, health care, etc) figuring out these cost tailored to family size and measure this against how many households in Canada and have sufficient income to match these necessities (but all calculations were made before tax off income) - low income cut off approach is used by socio-income agency - determines the income threshold on families that have a larger share in income - tends to be the most accepted measure in society - in income cut off approach, researchers used income after tax – seen as more favoured in social agencies as a more accurate measure - Poverty in
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