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Christy Leung Health in Crisis Class 9 Nov. 22/10 Gender and Health - Analyzing gender - economic and social categories intersects with each other - women’s experiences depending on their age, areas, etc. - many factors which led to affects in health due to gender and issues - single-axis analyses  isolate social categories - intersectional analyses  how social categories intersect; attention to diversity; multiple identities operate simultaneously that affect ones health - Gender and health status - patterns of women’s health – gender gap in life expectancy; gender gap in morbidity and disability - gender gap in life expectancy – 82.7 women v. 78.0 men (2008); gender gap narrowing: 1991 = 6.3 years; 2008 = 4.7 years; class and race differentials - gender gap in morbidity and disability – women = higher rates of illness and disability that: reported incidences and self reporting - many women died in child birth; many women continued to die due to complications of abortions - 1980s the trends in social gap where increasing for women
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