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Health in Crisis Class 10.docx

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Christy Leung Health in Crisis Class 10 Nov. 29/10 Race and Health Film: Unnatural Causes: Bad sugar (dvd 11023) - Racial disparities in health - class and gender is significant of determinant of health - poverty is affecting females and mothers - immigrant and refugees (from Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia) and it also effects in many First Nation Community - higher rates of unemployment and over represented in low wage sectors in economy - this economic inequality takes a tremendous toll on peoples’ health - racial discrimination, harassment and prejudice of others occur - Shorter life expectancy and rates of morbidity in terms of illness and disease - Aboriginal Health in Canada Life expectancy - 5 to 14 years lower life expectancy - Inuit = shortest life expectance - Infant mortality 1.5-4 times higher than non-Aboriginal population - living on reserves diminishes your health status - depends where you are living, whether on reserve or off Chronic and Infectious Disease - Type 2 Diabetes - Tuberculosis 8-10 times higher - Hepatitis, HIV/AIDs - higher incidents of these diseases - various forms of cancers are growing - these diseases are growing at a faster rate in Aboriginal communities Mental Health Disabilities - loss of sight - suicides are a problem amongst young Aboriginal people - addictions are higher - Socio-economic and historical determinants of aboriginal health “Third World” conditions - housing – black mould - food insecurity – on
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