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York University
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SOSC 2150

Christy Leung nd Health in Crisis Class 12 (2 Semester) Jan. 10/11 Working Environments and Health Hazardous Working Environments - Growth of neo-liberation - Constitutes a significant portion and aspects of our lives - Incorporates a large amount of energy - Outside of income factor there are potential hazards that affects health (short and long term affects) - Employment impacts health - How work is structured in the workplace? How much control they have in their daily workplace? - Blue collar type of framework - Health and safety is usually talked about but workers are still exposed to dangerous toxins in their workplace - Linked to industrial workers in the late 18/1900’s who responded to workplace problems - The framework has continued to shape occupations - Factory settings are highly dangerous – labour settings etc. - Toxic fumes, heavy, dangerous equipments may cause disability and death - Industrial death and injuries rates have increased throughout the years - over 300 have died due to occupational diseases - Young workers are more complied to injuries and accidents due to lack of training/experience Workplace Hazards - Direct Threats: (Industrial) - chemicals - equipments – unsafe to use - air quality - poor - noise – hearing disabilities - Indirect Threats – long term exposure: (White Collar/office work) - radiation exposure – cell phones, computers, etc. - sick office syndrome – lack of windows causing minor illness (colds/flu) - toxins in offices – building materials, furniture, office equipment - heavy lifting and standing - RSI (repetitive strain injury) - harassment (sexual, violence, bullying) - The cause was only discovered w
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