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Health in Crisis Class 18.docx

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SOSC 2150

Christy Leung Health in Crisis Class 18 Feb. 28/11 Drug Production and Consumption Historical development of pharmaceutical industry - Treatment of wide range of ailments - Cultures have a rich understanding of nature around them (trees, minerals, etc) how these can be used to treat a wide range of ailment st - 1 century (China, India, etc) has various plants and minerals to treat ailments - Apothecary Shops – dispense medicines (drug store) – distinct in separate of the physician - 1917 – first apothecary found in London - 1841 – the society changed its name from pharmaceutical society changed to Great Britain - Development of new synthetic chemicals generated new substances which claimed to hold medicinal value - Synthetic drugs was produced in 1800’s – Aspirin developed in 1889 Globalization and the pharmaceutical industry - Last 2 – 3 decades – pharmaceutical production have changed significantly - Large multi-national/trans-national pharmaceutical industries  the fastest growing type of multi-national incorporation - World’s largest 10 drug companies – Johnson and Johnson, phizer, etc. controls most of the pharmaceutical industries - Vertical and horizontal integration - Vertical integration – buying out small companies and buying out more production – marketing sales through transportation; controlling different aspects of biotech production and research - Horizontal integration – merge various similar producers; buying small companies - Growth of pharmaceutical companies have led to growth of drug consumption - Populations (Canada, North America) are consuming precedential drugs (prescriptions and drug store) - Acceleration medicalization over the years – many drugs are now un-prescribed - More and more of our lives have to be treated - 1980 - $14 billion dollars of prescription drugs now
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