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Christy Leung Health in Crisis Class 19 Mar. 7/11 Medicalizing Women’s and Men’s Bodies - Illness and diseases can be produced and manufactured - - Medicalization – definition - played a role both good and bad in affecting our health - Zola (1972): process whereby more and more of life comes to be of concern to the medical profession - behaviours become codified and defined as entailing particular symptoms that are best managed through medical intervention - Components: - expansion of what is deemed of relevance to medicine - retention of absolute control by the medical profession over aspects of technical procedures - seen as rightfully under the domain of medicine - concept relates to the growth of biomedical model - Zola argued: as you see biomedicine become more and more predominate portion in our society, human behaviours and practices become defined as medical issues - alcoholism – those who were intoxicated were seen in a moral lens or social lens – morally corrupt and sinful through religious discourses - 19 century, criminal justice discourse, when you intake too much alcohol, you’ve committed a crime th - increasing behaviour prior to 20 century and was defined as a sign of pathology that doctors can only look after – should use therapeutics to help the ones who needs helps - over the course of 1800’s doctors became more interested with people who has mental illness - medical issues allowed medical professionals to deal with that problems - Examples of medicalization -Childbirthing – child birthing was one of the first areas that doctors medicalized - an even that were handled largely by women, mid wife, and family that attended pregnant women at home - mid wife had skills, herbal remedies, knowledgeable, etc. – allowed women to have more choices and decisions; women were surrounded by strong family and friends with support prior and post child birthing - mid wives did not have technology for child birthing - mid wives did not have the skills when complications rose - only people with medical licenses could attend birth and they did not used to admit women - docto
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