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Post-Fordism, Job Precarity, and Health Jan 17 Lecture Notes

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 2150
Lykke Dela Cour

Jan 17 Lecture NotesFilm Look Around You You Have RightsShawn 20Successful football and hockey playerEveryone in this age group feels like they are invincibleNov 181994poured chemicals without labels and static electricity set the chemicals on fire and he suffered burns on 95 of his bodyIt was the third day on the job that he was killed Father spoke to a group of studentsKey message go into the workplace and be aware know your rights understand that a potential injury can occurON Occupational Health and Safety ActRight to know o Encourages workers to get involved in their own workplace safetyRight to participateRight to refuse unsafe worko If dangerous workers can refuse Who does it affect o Everyone has a shared responsibility to become familiar with this law o Every employer must post in workplaceRegulations to cover specific sectors and hazardous activities Workplace parties o Employerstake every reasonable precaution to protect the workeruse proper materialsprepare post and maintain health policies annuallyo supervisorsknow law and advise workers on lawo workersmust work in compliance with actreport any hazards or safety violationsrefuse dangerous work Internal responsibility system o Depends on number of workers employed 619health and safety rep is chosen by non managerial workersIdentify hazards improve safetyFewer than 6health and safety reps are not required 20joint health and safety committees Half must be non managerial workers2 members must be certified by agency 13 wk courses to become certifiedThese are the members that conduct inspections and investigate work refusals
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