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Post-Fordism and Capitalism Definition and significance of post-Fordism and capitalism, and their impact on health and society. Included is the summary and significance of the movie "Look Around: You Have Rights," which covered a lot of important material

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York University
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SOSC 2150
Lykke Dela Cour

SOCS 2150 9.0 Health in Crisis: Issues of Health Environments & Poverty Monday, January 17th, 2010 (Lecture 12) Movie: Look Around: You Have Rights NOTES: - Sean (20-year old)  In 1994, Sean was killed on the job from an accidental explosion. He was engulfed in flames and was just doing his job as was expected. - Message: Potential injury or fatality can happen in any workplace - Employers and employees have legal rights and responsibilities - Three Rights to Know: o Right to know  About the responsibilities and risks of a job  All the safety precautions o Right to participate  Regularly scheduled inspections  Work and safety representative and committee o Right to refuse unsafe work  Any equipment dangerous or risky - Young people between 18 and 24 are the most likely to experience workplace accidents - Reasons for accidents: Improper training, not aware of risks, belief that it can’t happen to us, etc. - Required to know safety policy, responsible to know where safety equipment or tools are kept, responsible to report unsafe circumstances - Follow safe procedures, ensure workplace is safe and know your responsibilities - Young workers start working with little or no knowledge of safety - Need to advocate education, awareness and training - Occupational Health and Safety Act protects all workers and all workers have a shared responsibility to be familiar with this law o Regulations that cover specific sectors and hazardous activities o Communication and co-operations with management and workers is essential o Employers must state every precaution reasonable to protect workers: occupational health and safety reports, procedures, and training o Employers must comply with protecting their worker against chemical, physical and all other hazardous agents o Workers must work in compliance with act and regulations and report any hazards to employers  Have the right to refuse if work is hazardous to health or life - Essential for all parties to maintain health and safety within workplace - Health and Safety Committees should be mandatory in all workplaces - Health and Safety Committee is responsible for inspections, investigations, recommendations, reports, and must be non-managerial workers within a workplace o Must be certified after receiving training to address health and safety issues o Can order employer to stop dangerous work LECTURE: Post-Fordism, Job Precarity and Health - Definitions: Post-Fordism and Globalization - Changes in the nature, structure and organization of work o Effects quality of work and have been provoked by globalization - Health impacts Post-Fordism - Shifts in production o From complete production to mass production o Create more specialized jobs = more products and more profit for companies - Concentration of industries o Small-scale manufacturing and gross, mass production o Highly specialized firms or corporations and geographically concentrated - Focus on service as opposed to goods o Particularly for North America and Europe o Reached a course of saturation
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