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Addressing Inequality and Health Discusses the ways in which society need to reorient health services to target issues associated with inequality and health. There are 2 ways in which we need to broaden narrow health policy. These points are thoroughly di

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SOSC 2150
Lykke Dela Cour

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SOCS 2150 9.0 Health in Crisis: Issues of Health Environments & Poverty Monday, December 6, 2010 (Lecture 10) Addressing Inequality and Health - Social policy initiatives o Must be taken in order to prevent significant declines in healthcare o Need to consider which problems we need to find solutions for that would be most beneficial to society - Reorienting health services o Social determinants framework holds most validity - Community development - Critical cultural/discourse analyses o Around health; ultimately linked to social justice and equity issues - Social Justice and equity - Significant need to re-conceptualize what we think and understand as health policy and move from “health policy” to “healthy policies” framework 2 ways we need to broaden narrow health policy: o Social policy o Economic policy - Formal and informal between government, more interaction between ministry and community o Ex: policies around housing & health, economics & health, etc. - Orientation of health policies need to shift away form individualistic models (programs, initiatives) and start examining structural models to improve health outcomes o Equality in housing, such as programs, co-housing, affordability, accessibility, etc. o Increasing minimum wage that is livable and allows individuals to afford healthy food and housing o Income replacement programs  right now, program does not supply adequate cost of living (disability benefits, government assistance, pension, etc.) o Other economic reforms: progressive taxation (corporations should begin paying fair-share of taxes)  right now, corporations pay the same or less as average individual for income taxes o Who does the current system really benefit? - During war period, government invested money into national daycare plans so that women could go out to work  as soon as war ended, daycare pro
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