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Social Science
SOSC 2150
Lykke Dela Cour

Health lecture: income and health  When we look at issue of economic inequality and health income and economics like your class status is central factors affecting your health. Its worse for people that is poor.  Studies are starting to show is that economic inequality doesn’t just impact the poor. The studies tend to show that the more income inequality the worse the health is overall in that context not just the poor.  Class status has implication for your health  Income determines your ability to access health resources (membership at the gym, better food)  Lifestyle model says to eat healthy foods but u need the income  Having an income is important to purchase food  Income also lets you relieves stress and have a good job, better employment stability, it can come down to pay the rent or feed the kids single mothers are very effected)  Having income effects what you do: lower cost housing are more highly industrialized areas of town or beside high ways and that is located in more polluted area in the town.  Relationship between health and income: determines ability to access heath resources, working conditions, exposure to stress, self esteem, social support  High level of violence gets a lot of stress for people  Having higher income: no fear violence, less noise, live in better prettier area, money to purchase services and resources, buy stuff that health insurance does not get you like massage therapy, go on holidays, better paying type of job  Having incomes: helps to access services and products and good to help u in producing good health.  Work at fast food industry’s: risk of getting burned  Retail work: not great pay and standing on your feet can produce varicose veins and lower back problems  If work in better type of job with better income: more status and respect in your community  People live In poverty: detrimental to your health  Lower income: less ability to rent or purchase good housing  Living in poverty: exposed more to social stresses (people blame the poor for living in poverty and poor then receive harsh attitudes from others)  Income significance: resources u can access and living and working conditions  What one sees globally that income and class are key factors in terms that when we look at health from income class perspectives we see differences from those I upper, middle, and low income people (difference shows up in life expectancy)  Income relates to stuff such as smoking  Health stats show: u have low income = have poor health status  Class is key determinates of your health  Social gradient theory:  Whitehall and wlkinson report: stresses connection of socio economic status and how health in terms of life expectancy and morbidity patterns and as well rates of disability like ho many days u can be disability fre that all these three show differentials between economic groups.  White hall: research pay more attention to attention to class  Wilkinson study: comparative work access countries and his work important for to show that economic inequality not only impact class but also that it was not only the poorest that were effective were economic inequality particular region or state. This lead him to compare between different he found if u took counties were more or less economic inequality and economic inequality the countries that had the greater it hurt the health of the poor and the highest income group and this lead to develop social gradient thesis. Countries. Social gradient
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