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Social Science
SOSC 2150
Lykke Dela Cour

Immigration Race and health  How racial status affects other visible minority populations in North America.  Minority if problematic  Health statistics show that differentials on health status like if your African America or Asian or Hispanic what ever racial background u come from does affect one health’s and stats health is dependent where u recently immigrated or if u been residing here.  African American populations: lower life expectancy, higher disease and disabilities, poor health  Most studies focuses of aboriginals populations and immigrant in Canada  Statistics between different racial groups they show different stats as: in usa the average life expectantly for Africans is 5 years less then it is in white Americans but then u look at Hispanic and Asians its higher. This stress that we cant think of race and monolithic categories an we have to pay attention to differences amongst different ethnic groups how race intersects with health  African Americans have better life expectancy then aboriginal.  Why we see higher rates for Hispanic and Asians in the usa: immigration and recent immigrations and patterns of immigrations  African Americans have reduce health status due to whites  Paradox between Hispanics and Asians and it is the increase life expectancy for Hispanic populations known as Hispanic paradox.  Hispanics: not high educational status that we associate with higher health status  why we see improved health status between Africans- 1. Immigrants of Hispanics who make it to the usa tend to be healthier populations to be able to take immigration process and this accounts for why we see those then arrive here have already a healthy constitution then those who done immigrate 2. These are populations that are healthier when we look at cultural foods and life styles that are associated with Hispanic and Asians since they have healthier diets less sugar and more on vegetables and healthier lifestyles and approaches tend to smoke less and walk more.  Health advantages are not evident when we examine areas like chronic diseases (ex. Usa Latinos have higher rates of death from diabetes and liver disease then non Hispanic Americans, and Asians Americans they suffer from caner and hep B, older Asians Americans have highest rate of suicide over age of 65)  Racial differentials around cancer and see that racial groups are underrepresented in cancer trials and not included in thinking how affective treatments are. Status show Africans Americans less likely to survive breast and lung caner, asthma is also high amounts them too and their children have 260% increase linked to asthma. Only 8% of white population has diabetes.  What accounts for differentials in health status? 1. Some health advantages are linked to “healthy immigrant affect (people who come thru normal practices and coming not just someone that comes for a bit then leaves)” (health status with respect to immigrants is better than the health status of host nations population in other word san immigrants health upon immigration is better then a Canadian born person but what tends to happen is the immigrants health tends to decline so immigrant loses health advantage as long as they reside in Canada. This effect is believed to be consequence of (1. The immigration process and policies tend to only accept people who demonstrate certain degree of health and fitness into Canada and if u doesn’t have this u wont be accept through the medical screening 2. Immigration selection process also privilege selected younger and better- educated immigrants 3.many immigrants originate from regions were lifestyles contribute to chronic disease are les prevalent in developing world then in north America. 4. Changes of migratory patterns to find migratory labor to help in seasonal work and as well as domestic workers program as example to work as nanny’s that not given permanent status that don’t have benefits and privleges  If one is sick or has a disease they will most likely not be able to immigrate to Canada.  Up until 1980-most immigrants came with not much money in search of employment  80-90= shift of immigrants that has wanted more professionals and entrepreneurs to come through immigration. They ensured this by selection process so like criteria was changed.  Distinguishing factor of health status of developing (pushing indigenous farmers off the land and shifted to consume more western foods) and industrialized nations (infectious to chronic disease in this nation)  Leading cause of death in developing world is poverty and malnutrition  Immigrant is coming from context that had opportunities for healthier diets and cultural practices.  Detri
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