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Lecture 9

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Social Science
SOSC 2150

SOSC 2150 Lecture #9: Race & Health Race and Health Status - African Americans experience higher rates of poor health, disease, and mortality - It is important to pay attention to differences within the same ethnic groups as well as other ethnic groups - Immigration has a reduced health status - Have a paradox between Hispanics and Asians - Hispanic: liver disease - Asians: cancer, tuberlocerous - Africa Americans have a greater chance of dying from cancer than whites because of access to health care Healthy Immigrant Effect - Life expectancy is links to the immigrant effect - Immigrants who some to a country legally - Shows health status with respect to recent immigrants is better than the host nations population - Immigrants health is generally better of a Canadian born person, however the immigrants health tends to decline - They lose their health the longer they stay, the result is they tend to have a worst health status - Medical Screening: - Immigration process tended to only accept those of a certain health and fitness - Immigrant selection processes: - Selected younger and better educated immigrants, those who could successfully compete and work to build a status for themselves. (selected people who didn’t have much money and were going to have to work. This would better Canadian economy; more workers) - Changes in social determinants of health: - Health deteriorates to the status of those in the country because of environmental and economical changes - Change in diet and activity levels, significant social dislocation(distant from friends and family) - Migrant Workers: that were brought to Canada for a certain period of time. They didn’t receive the greatest wages or treatments. Temporary works don’t get much hea
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