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Health in Crisis Class 2.docx

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Christy Leung Health in Crisis Class 2 th September 20 2010 Understanding Health: Theories, Concepts and Disciplinary Approaches  Studying Health: Social Science Approaches  Theoretical Perspectives  Health as a Social Justice Issue Interdisciplinary Studies - Methodological approach that crosses boundaries between academic disciplines - Uses methods and insights of several established disciplines - Synthesizes perspectives, knowledge, epistemologies - Focusing on the work of academics in the field - They draw on variety of methodology of framework - Largely newer than traditional academic approaches - Post-war and emerged in 1960s and 70s – originated social science aka interdisciplinary studies - Influenced by social cultural phenomenon Socio-cultural Perspective - Health = product of a broad range of factors (economic, social, political, ecological, cultural) - Examine: - how health is produced - changing patterns of health - cultural meanings associated with illness, disease and disability - subjective experience of health - lay definitions of health - Scientist tried to look at patterns of health in time - What do we view as good health and illness and disease? Theory - Explanation of observable phenomena - Analytic tool for understanding and explaining a particular subject matter - “scientific” – presents evidence and logically argues - Critical perspectives - Bias is a fundamental part of life => shapes the way we think, they bring those influences into their study - Bias is healthy as long as your clear and explicit about what your biases are Theoretical Perspective - Political economy - class affects health - Social determinants are based on health analysis -Income is mediated by your gender and race - in Western industrial society, class effects health - questions on how economic factors impact health/health systems - Feminist theory - gender and inequality in society - women experience significantly – depending on their race, sexual orientation and wealth - women would experience gender discrimination - Critical race theory - trying to understand how race and ethnicity and power - race structures the way we organize our society - how race operates as a system of oppression - tendency to emphasize race over other categories - important to look at the analysis to race - we have to take its
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