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Christy Leung Health in Crisis th Sept. 27 2010 Biomedical Model - Biomedical and Health promotion model rd - Alternative health – 3 perspective - both popular perceptions are shaped today based on biomedical and health model (how we understand our health and our body) - Reading: biomedicine has become potent land to which we culturally interpret and understand and seek to... - Models – a tool to help identify dominant aspect of institution or model system, useful to social science to analyze a deeper understanding of institution and social system that’s being examined - Models allows us to theorize about causal effects (why things are the way they are); influenced and shaped formal health policies  Historical Origins - emerged late 1800s (prior to that, health care communities only had physicians known as allopath) - allopaths and other practitioners – they did not enjoy the status; midwives, homeopaths, chiropractors, herbalist were practitioners; they usually conducted at people’s homes and treating them at their own homes; therefore there were many varieties of healthcare practitioners and none of the practitioners had way over the others - physicians practiced a humoral theory - humoral theory – the body was composed of four elements, each elements corresponded to body parts and constellations of symptoms = four elements (hot/cold/wet/dry) = health = balance between four elements – allopaths belief: if you felt sick then it’s the imbalance of people =therapeutics based on principle of opposites = “ heroic medicine” - laboratory studies => bacteriology and germ theory => doctrine of specific etiology - infectious disease rose during the industrial economy - period during urbanization increased the risk of health - working and living conditions increased diseases - manufactory sites – people were exposed to chemicals and people lived right beside where they worked - earlier part of 1800s still were clueless as to how diseases spread - allopathic and such were not effective it took medical approaches to studying medicine to evolutionalize medicine - started with the raise of scientists in Renaissance - Bacteria – understanding of how infectious diseases spread - Germ theory – infectious diseases were not caused by vapours in the air and germs being spread through people and pollutants in the environments - through these studies, the board went along and developed therapeutic biotic - because of the theories, medical scientists improved people’s health and appealed to govn’t and large corporations – funding and money in laboratory research - corporate interest to see the laboratory work  Characteristics - emphasizes biological causes of diseases – inherited genes - health = absence of disease: you feel sick but there are no symptoms or positive outcome of the tests thus you are not sick; no physical marker - mechanistic (standardization symptoms and physiological measurements) – temperatures, when your body doesn’t meet the term than you are not ill or sick, specialists only look at one or two parts of your body: most of the determinations are through tests: doctors used to talk to patience to find out what they are feeling; used to ask about their physical states – much more engagement through doctor and patient - orientation => curative: aim was to find a cure for a particular disease or disability - invasive therapeutics – interventions: surgery, drugs or medicine to treat illness – usually hospital based - hospital based – physicians and nurses treat patients, hospitals in community - hierarchical relationship (doctor/patients) – patients has gotten alienated through approach of health care, physicians assume to have authority of all knowle
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