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Christy Leung Health in Crisis Class 4 Oct. 4 2010 Promoting Health Lifestyles: the Socio-Political Dimensions of Health Promotion - Lifestyle emphasis within health promotion – historical origins - Key Documents and reports: - 1974 Lalonde Report “A New Perspective on the Health of Canadians” - 1986 Epp Report “Achieving Health for All: A Framework for Health Promotion” – identified four elements in producing ethical health –(1) human biology, (2) environmental factors – social & economic, (3) lifestyle practices (4) organization of health care system; recognizing the health ray responses - 1989 Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIAR) -> introduced population health concept – since WWII efforts to improve health had focus on the health system, chronic diseases continued to grow despite the healthcare system; there was a number of directions the government had to shift gears and look at the disease or what mattered; fostering greater public participation – self care and to develop and expand coordinated health policy - 1994 Strategies for population health - Health promotion and health policy and health policy in the context of neo-liberalism (1990s/2000s) – if it really is your economic status of the country that produce better health then take the money and put it into health communities; promoting a growth in employment would mean people would have better income and health will improve; economist laid out what they want to strategies to the government – strategies of population health – incorporated aspects and took the references and took it to a conservative type of causes – try to improve the economy and wealth of the population; wealth production; came at a politically appropriate time – neo- conservative ideology – countries had to cut back on taxes and social support to allow more privatization - commodification of the lifestyle perspective of health – focused on public education on health and staying fit; least costly – public education and just promoting campaign – examine our own lifestyles of improving our health; exploit the notion of how health is connected to lifestyle; - generally, critics of the biomedicine and reliance on costly technology arguing the investments to be at a better place if you wanted to see improvements on health; belief to look good and to attract people’s attention that each gender should be an ideal figure - chronic diseases kept merging during the biomedical approach - medicine and health care needed to shift from a curative approach to a prevention of disease in the first place - critics took 2 directions – health promotion and structural model/social determinant – both these models have their routes to initial critiques in biomedicine
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