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Christy Leung Health in Crisis Class 13 Jan. 17/11 Film: Look around you: You have rights Character: Sean Topic: workplace chemical explosion which burnt him quite badly; he managed to live for 24 hours; 3 rd day of his job when he was killed; 1) The right to know 2) The right to participate 3) The right to refuse unsafe work - All workers should know the unsafe chemicals and works in their workplace - Almost every accidents are preventable - Follow safe procedures - Ensure your workplace is safe - Know your responsibilities - Work accidents happens to every 5 young person Workplace Duties - Maintain equipments and materials - Seek for any hazards in the work - Workers must work in compliance in the act - Ministry inspectors must offer the manager/supervisor to inspect with them Post-Fordism, Job Precarity and Health Definitions Post-Fordism - shifts in production and consumption patterns in most industrialized nations - concentration of industries - focus on service as opposed to goods - New information technologies - Entreprenurialship - breaking up production into very small tax that people would do - growth of mass production – no longer having one person producing one product (speeded up productions) – more profits - many argued and shift their mode of production - characterized by a number of factors (1) shift in production of goods from large to small scale manufacturing; (2) growth of mass productions in developing nation states; (3) highly specialized firms or corporations (specialising in a particular products// linked to particular products) - our consumption (large wardrobes//large houses) of society  saturation - baby boomers stop buying products – concerns corporate because their business starts to die out Globalization - Expansion of economic, social, cultural and political integration globally Characteristic Global labour markets - Canadian workers have lower wages which health policies are unable to cover - undermine the traditional and power of roles in countries – can influence the health policies - integrated through hi-tech materials such as internet, cellphones, etc. – even airplane technology allows people to travel in a much faster pace – these changes essentially led to greater and quicker where it increase the migration of people (living & working) - emergence of global market – production and work is becoming more fluent where p
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