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SOSC 2350 Note 18 Movie about Gay Rights – Stand Together - There’s no room for the state in the bedroom of the nation - Gays were a big part of the youth culture, as opposed to most traditional protests of older o They were younger so they didn’t have much to lose. - Most people didn’t know that gay rights would be achieved so quickly through protest - In Canada, there were similar quite campaigns because the government didn’t want to engage in risks o Homosexuals were risks because they have something to hide and are therefore dangerous to governments o Therefore, there was a national security campaign that tried to blackmail gays into giving up other gays. - The government tried to find or presume gays – it was however hard to find gays. o The RCMP was out of record in terms of procedures and guidance and what the police tried to do, there was limited knowledge of what was going on - In 1958-9 homosexuality was a bigger concern in Canada in terms of security than communism - Thousands of people lost their jobs in the military and social service, as well as demotions and ending careers due to homosexuality. - The RCMP developed a research project to detect gays amongst civil service o It proceeded in secrecy– The fruit machine  It was a psychological test – list of words and questionnaires used to identify gays  Pupillary response depending on how the subject responded to images on projectors  The project was harder to establish than expected - In Ottawa they would do park-sweeps where homosexuals met up. - The RCMP kept a map of Ottawa where homosexual activity was found, and was marked with red dots - David Stutsman was in Ottawa used to go to a tavern (a bar near a hotel). o The RCMP followed him indiscreetly. o Being followed didn’t bother him, but the interrogation got to him – they wanted to interview him on matters of national security. o The first interview wasn’t bad, but on another occasion they took him to a padded cell. o By this point in time there was enough group solidarity in gays and would turn to individuals and snap pictures  The undercover agents got a feeling that gays weren’t scared of them. o There was a report where some gays demonstrated their homosexuality at any opportunity – there were certain lesbian crimes as a common cause - The gays were always aware that they were under surveillance. - In a free country, they took it for granted that the police would be there, constantly watching them – for their protection. - There was a demonstration where there were several hundred individuals who stood up with gay slogans o The majority of demonstrators then dispersed for a beer, not being aware that most of them would be fired. - There were attempts to identify key individuals to silence the gay movement. - The government used national security as an excuse to hide behind their hatred and fear of homosexuality. o If you were on display then you embraced your possibility of blackmailing the government o However, if you were in hiding, then you were also possibly blackmailing them o Either way, the government had a win-win situation. - All homosexual activity made people vulnerable and characterized to have a risk - In 1971 August homosexuals made a demonstration from all over the country – this was the first major demonstration of lesbian and gay pride and demonstration. o Homosexuals have been assaulted on the streets for no reason – what did they do to deserve it? o The organizers had a list of demands that included human rights, civil rights, immigration, no longer being considered national security risks, that have taken a long time to be met  Some of them have only been recent. o This led to a very partial decriminalization over homosexuality o The list of demands was developed to remind homosexuals that they still had some rights in Canada - They had 30-40 couples that would go to specific societies and find people to transform and inform them in universities to acknowledge the presence of homosexuals. - Homosexuals tried to recruit most of Canadian society to their cause - Two men who were part of an alternative education published an article about homophobia o It depicted two gay men kissing in a public area, and being arrested by the police. - Some people still thought that homosexuality was disgusting – they even thought that homosexuals should be arrested for their conduct. - There weren’t many gay bars or clubs in Toronto causing people to being very secluded and forced into the closet - One of the objectives of the gays were to reach other gays to let them know that they weren’t alone. - The gay community would write letters to editors and kept their gay-line working - One of the regular features of homophobia in Toronto were appearance of crowds on Halloween o Crowds would form on groups of homosexuals and demonstrate in bashing against homosexuals. o There was a hate crowd that mocked people outside the gay taverns. - They wanted to make homosexuals visible to make sure that the media recognized them as an up-and-coming group. - 1974 there was a joint homosexual rights movement that there was an archaic gay movement centered in Germany o There was a gay-rights movement in Europe that way put in a political context o The gays were victims of Nazis, and the collective movement found out that the community went beyond Canada, and they had to focus on a global level. - The Civil Rights strategy: o There was a need to change the legal environment to counter discrimination, as well as the need to do with public education on homophobia and education o There was a huge social pressure to stay in the closet o In 1974 there was the first demonstration calling for a commiss
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