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Lecture 2

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 2350
Tanja Juric

thLaw and societyLecture 2 September 20 2011Every single year there are several legislations passed at the provincial and federal lawThe process takes years for the legislation to pass and become actual lawThese legislations deal with immigration the post office etcWhy do we need lawTo regulate public behaviour to maintain order in society to compromise conflicts to make a claim social controlPrior assumption to this is that we cannot control and regulate society without some sort of institutionFamilies try to instil morals and values in order to do thisPeople are always going to break norms wreck less driving smoking etcWe break rules laws and expectationsWe live in a complex society with millions of people where we cant rely on individuals to regulate their own behaviourin addition to law as in institution there are other institutions that regulate our behaviourFamily and community are other institutions that regulate our social behaviourMorals for example come from religion and this comes from family which may overpower the morality of lawModels of lawmakingRationalisticLaw is a way of protecting us from harm particularly criminal lawUses precedentFunctionalistHow do laws emergePeople call this a consensus model
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