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James Cypher

Latin America Feb.27 The New Left in Latin America -Red ties are associated with Marxism -Pink suggests that they are radical, but they are not quite red (socialism)  The left governments are very different from the populist regimes that were in place during the 1930 and 1940s  The new left appeared in the 1960’s  The new left an international movement that debated about he accommodations with capitalism, ho to peacefully co-exist with the western world Shared Histories  Military Dictatorship o Internationally the Soviet Union was falling apart o When the Soviet Union collapsed, this proved that socialism was dead o The 1990s were a period of when communists lacked inspiration and a model  Legacies of populism o Clientalistic politics o Inflation  They countries that don’t have pink tied presidents are Columbia and Mexico  Key elements of the New Left o The military dictatorships of Latin American exterminated the Old Left  New social movements occurred do to this o The Soviet Union was gone o The new Left governments in Latin America had to moderate the language of the populist, like getting rid of poverty and create industry  They had to contend with neoliberal economies, and the real danger of inflation o They had to win by the ballot box, which was different from the past o They had to appeal to a broader audience them the poor  Their was a ideological moderation o Democracy  They rejected the old parties, that a whole party could represent hundred and thousands of people, and controlled by elites  The left wanted direct participatory democracy  Not elite to speak for the masses, the masses will speak for themselves o National Sovereignty  The national state has to be resurrected from the ambitions of the United States  Chavez  The nation state still matters  Say Latin American is going to be a nation in its own turns  Defend Latin American in a changing world  The state would try to redistribute wealth  They also had to play by the rules, like the populist didn’t  Had to pay back national and international debts, not just print money like the populist  Reduction of debt, controlling inflation  Increasing foreign exchange reserves o The left has to contend with a very strong opposition  That opposition is allied with Washington or controls the media  For example, in Venezuela, the media is all anti-Chavez Democratization in Brazil  Industrial Workers and the Military o New labor movements looked a lot like the new social mo
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