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Geography of Canada - Oct 23 2013

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Social Science
SOSC 2617
David Hugill

Geography of Canada: Lecture October 23 , 2013 Aboriginal urbanization in Canada Italian Sicilian / Mongolian men were used in Eastern Germany to play the role of an indigenous man Symbology: Canoe, buck skin jacket, feather on head 1951: 12.9% vs 2006: 53.2% (Total urban areas) Increase in aboriginal population living in urban areas. Indigenous people of North America: Canada: 3 Aboriginal groups (First Nations, Metis, Inuit) US: Various Native American groups “Conventional” Interpretations of Indigenous urbanization: 1) Urban migrations are a Relatively New Phenomenon 2) Prior to this period of “Great migration” Indigenous people were strangers to the city 3) Migration to the city often result sin alienation, cultural loss 4) Migrations move in one direction, from reservation/reserve/remote community to the city 1) Minneapolis, 1940: Before war: 250 Indigenous people  After war: 4000 Indigenous people Urban Relocation Program / “Chicagoland Indians Get Good Jobs” “Jobs recently obtained offer opportunity, security” (Sent to reserves  List of names of Indigenous people and their jobs) to promote suburban dreams to Indigenous people. 2) Indigenous people were in isolated area 3) Indigenous culture couldn’t survive within fast paste modern industrial world, resulted in poverty 4) Mass of depopulation, people leaving the reserves Dangerous assumption1: Indigenous spaces and city spaces are radically disconnected Reservations:
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