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Social Science
SOSC 2730
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Lecture 1 - September 15, 2011 (Readings: Chapter 1 and 2) What is Culture? • arts, customs, habits, beliefs. values, history NIMBY - Not In My Backyard - nimby syndrome - private property, people don’t want roads built over their houses --- hard to move backward with infrastructure therefore move forward, build around already made structures Toronto 1850’s were about: • Financial advances • production and progress • smoke from coals was seen as good because it showed progress *Values of the city have changed since the past* Culture of 1920’s: • ethics • role of business • progess What is a City? • a settlement with an important status that makes is different from a town - a city has more human created structures than the area surrounding it • the term city is used to designate an urban settlement with a large population (special administrative, legal and historical status) Agricultire Revolution (10,000 BCE) • domestication of plants and livestock • as food source goes up; sustains higher populations • more food = more dif
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