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Lecture 3

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York University
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SOSC 2730
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Lecture 3 - September 29, 2011 (Readings: Chapters 3 and 4) Aserium overtaking of Jerulsum - Bible and Aserium stories match Spin Doctor - stories were biased to the city that was telling them Deserts + Irrigation = Green agriculture farms (6000 - 5400 BCE) - Mrashes are drained Mountains - small settlements near them 6000 BCE: early urban settlements 5400-4800 BCE: • major city states emerged - near valleys because of convenience for travel and trade • easy to govern • everything within a days walk Uruk Period: (4000-3100 BCE) • first real cities - large villages (water management) - became the core area of the region • economic specialization • military, control • religion, ceremony • monumental architecture - expression of power/authority • writing cuneiform - important being able to record events and to pass on info, culture, religion, intelligence, events, etc to the future generation Sumerian Culture: 3100-2350 BCE • 13 independent city-states • intensive agriculture - irrigation canals • technological/economic/ occupational specialization - potter’s wheel/plow/sailboat/ pottery, metallurgy • social hierarchy • built monumental architecture such as z
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