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Lecture 6

SOSC 2800 Lecture 6: Week 6 - Gender and Development

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 2800
Merouan Mekouar

SOSC 2800 - Development in Comparative and Historical Perspective October 31 , 2016 Week 6: Gender and Development • Many challenges o Entry barriers to the work market o Economic inequality o Political under-representation • Both in the developing and developed worlds o Genital mutilation, conjugal violence, honor killings, economic deprivations, machismo… Women’s Economic Status and Development • Modernization and Women’s status o From the country-side to the cities o Bad in the short term ▪ Low-end jobs (informal economy, domestic service…) ▪ Lower wages ▪ More vulnerable positions ▪ Prostitution o Good in the long term Gender Politics • No political equality o Lower economic status = limited political participation o Exception = rich women ▪ India, Pakistan, Philippines… • Little correlation between economic/social modernization and political equality o Over-achieving countries (Rwanda, Cuba, Mozambique) Women Grassroots Organizations • Rural
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