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Lecture 7

SOSC 2800 Lecture 7: Week 7 - Regime Types and Development

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Social Science
SOSC 2800
Merouan Mekouar

SOSC 2800 - Development in Comparative and Historical Perspective November 7 , 2016 Week 7: Types of Democracy Procedural Definitions • Minimalist definitions (Ex: Electoral Democracies) • Minimalist definitions (Ex: Electoral Democracies) Substantive/Outcome-based definitions • Maximalist definitions (ideal) • Procedural Democracy o Participation o Competition o Accountability o Rule of Law Procedural Democracy: Minimalist definition • Electoral Democracies o Elections conducted but… o Civil rights violations o No free media o State brutality o Military interventions • Examples: o Malaysia o Nigeria… Procedural Democracy: More complex definition • Liberal democracies o Elected officials o Universal suffrage o Free elections SOSC 2800 - Development in Comparative and Historical Perspective November 7 , 2016 o Reasonable chance to win for opposition parties o Civil liberties Substantive Democracy • Includes all the procedural elements of a full democracy ▪ AND • Measure of outcomes o Health o Literacy o Socio-economic equality Authoritarian Regimes • Good or bad for development? • Failu
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