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Speech November0413443 PM Only certain speech is protected porn is not protected The courts looked into theorist for answers Or the court goes to section 1 oSection 2 b does not protect porn Are they the same are there different types and quality of speech a narrow version of speech an expansive notion of speech everything is speech and protected so there will be a lot of heavy lifting for section1Why protect free speech Talks about various theories of free speech talks about original intent to theories of speech oWhen we talk about speech and expression there are at least 3 different people who have an interest to speech The speaker The listenersaudienceGeneral public oIt depends on which perspective u take to look at things 3 different theories oEach answers some questions in different way oJohn Stewart Mill Was a libertarian Believed that the state had as little role as possible the less state the better His concern was when we talk about freedom of speech where the limitation comes from is the state concern about governments restricting access to speech He starts his approach based on the idea of truth the purpose of speech is arrive at truth It is important to understand that from his perspective trying to arrive from the truth is inherently a good even though we know what the truth is we should still be able to inquire about the truth this is important because Even if we know what is truth that should not prevent people from saying there is correlation The first reason is that if we give to the state the right to determine what is true then we suggest the state is always right we cant do that As we look at the history of totalitarian because they will say this is right and others are wrong and we can never ensure that the state is in fact always correct Second even if we know speech is false because that engages us in defending what we know to be true We as everyone of us as an individual need to be able to express why we think certain things are wrong you need to develop your own response of why something is wrong Allows for people to address issues and engage with them
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