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Social Science
SOSC 3363
Maura Matesic

Content analysis: - Defined as a study of recorded human communications - Quantitative or qualitative methodology. Started off as a quantitative to qualitative. - Quantitative Coding data in a specific way (counting) - Qualitative – looking for underlying meanings - Texts, newspapers, gov’t docs, legislation, court transcripts, visual images (women magazines, advertisements), websites, blogs, animated cartoons, lyrics of songs - What is counted? o Generally words. Unless you’re looking at images.  What words are used in articles in a particular topic?  Pairing of words (i.e. raves and drug use; how often are they associated with one another). - Frequently want to code in terms of subjects and themes o This requires a more interpretive approach o Requires we search not only an obvious (manifest) surface content, but also latent. I.e. crimes, we don’t just want the technical definition of what happened in that situation, we want to examine the latent meaning of the article (these are called value positions – where is the blame placed, is punishment the solution, etc). o A value position can also be viewed when exploring ideology, beliefs and principles  What language is used and what does it suggest? - 2 elements of coding o Designing a coding scheme  What does it look like?  If we were going to look at a crime.. we might create a document that looks at the nature of the offence and the gender of the perpetrator. o Coding manual  i.e. List a number of offences by numerical value. - 2 concerns of coding o inter-coder  Between all the coders  Make sure everyone is using the same codes o Intra-coder  Within  Make sure you are consistent in the ways you do things
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