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SOSC 3654
Amanda Glasbeek

CRIM 3654 – Crime Prevention October 4, 2013 Crime Prevention in a climate of security - Security is not a thing but a configuration of social relations; - umbrella term - What kind of social relations inform ‘security’: - Security as productive of social relations; - Criminalization of security Fear of Crime - Regardless whether fear is realistic, fear itself it treated as the indicator of quality of life - Rather than telling people not to be afraid, we have created ways to reduce people’s anxiety of crime rather than crime itself - Measuring crime is a difficult thing - Due to definition of crime - Perceptions of risk or fear - Fear is the reason why people leave dangerous neighborhoods - There is no such thing as being too safe – try to decrease our anxiety Fear of Crime and Gender - Women report themselves as being more fearful than men - Women, fear, and social control – no longer trying to educate these women (no longer important) - Women are more aware, and afraid of crime - Fear of crime has a salience than beyond its actual impacts - Ontario Safe Streets Act: - Solicitation is illegal based on the feeling of another person being intimidated - Regardless whether actual danger was imposed - No such thing as a victimless crime - All media tells us to be afraid, that there is danger out there, it is normal to be scared - Eliminate squeegee kids Murray Lee (2001) – “fearing subjects” - Both object and subjects of our governing – what is regulated and for whom it is regulated - Produced/discovered by our attempt to study them in the first place - Attempts to govern ‘fear of crime’ inform citizens that they indeed are fearful 1) Fear of Crime does not exist independently of our attempts to study it 2) Fear of crime produces political subjects and authorizes ideas about the social world - Productive of a new political subject - Fear has come to seen as a thing, but it is real only because people say it is real - We are desiring security – Lauer Josh Lauer (2005): SUV’s and fear of crime - SUV emerges due to American fear of crime – large, heavi
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