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Social Science
SOSC 3654
Amanda Glasbeek

CRIM 3654 – Crime Prevention and Policing Strategies January 17, 2014 - identify topic; identify four course readings/cases; 2 outside source Policing Strategies - What role, if any, do police have in crime prevention strategies? - Does, or should, crime prevention change the role of the police? - Police have changed crime prevention to something that works for them Community Policing (1980s) - Define police work more broadly - Reordering policing priorities - More attention to neighborhood concerns - Shared decision making with citizens - Problem solving and prevention - Recognizing community as active, critical - Restructure depts to reward new goals - Police know that they need the community; transform from thin blue line to the broad blue line - Emerges alongside crime prevention - Police are a player, at best, in local strategies - Local strategies focus on social development, inclusion - Police are latecomers, not the initiators, this is something already introduced Shifts in Culture of Control (1990s) Broken Windows - Transform police from partners to heroes - Often referred as community policing – resituates the police - Police play crucial role in reestablishing order Civility laws/orders - Can include any disorders from sleeping in parks to urinating in public etc - Trying to pre-out legal challenges of broken windows (not arresting for WHO someone is but rather something they DID) - ASBO’s (UK) 1998;2003 – merge civil and criminal laws - a civil order of uncivil beh
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