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Social Science
SOSC 3654
Amanda Glasbeek

SOSC3654 Crime Prevention in a Climate of Security • Security is not a thing, but a configuration of social relations; • What kinds of social relations inform our ideas about security? • Security as productive of social relations; • Criminalization of security Fear of crime Development as an indicator of quality of life By 1980s most countries used fear of crime as primary indicator of quality of life "safe city" was an important image Problems of measurement Definition of crime Hard to actually measure fear People who perceive themselves for higher risks isnt actually true with regards to their relationship to crime "Global measure of fear" - how safe do you feel walking in your hood at night? Fear of crime vs general anxiety Surveys help us understand why people move in and out of cities Linked to social indicators (age, race, gender) Fear of Crime - Gender Women, fear, and social control Women and elderly are most fearful More than half women surveyed dont feel safe on TTC after dark Both women and men in their 30s believe crime has risen in their neighbourhood 60% of women plans their daily activities with safety in mind Ontario Safe Streets Act In a manner that is likely to cause a reasonable person to be concerned for his or her safety or security Makes an offence out of feeling intimidated How do you govern on basis of peoples feelings? Media is a major advocator of peoples fears of crime Murray Lee (2001) Reverses causality effect of fear of crime It is our responsibility to find it and map it Dont treat fear as a fact, it is a product of our efforts to study to we're both the object and the subject of it Fearing subjects are discovered by our attempts to study them Self perpetuating loop Fearing subject 1. Fear of crime does not exist independantly of our attempts to study it 2. Fear of crime produces political subjects and authori
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