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Social Science
SOSC 3654
Amanda Glasbeek

SOSC3654 Test - Oct 19 What to study Readings and lectures Not to memorize things (i.e court cases) understand arguments from readings/examples (i.e risk approach) link it to broader discussion Produce clear summary of main argument from each reading Reference articles by author Limited choices on test 3 short answer, answer 2 If test is take home, answer everything CPTED & SCP (Crime prevention through environmental design & situational crime prevention) Criminologies of the Everyday Approach to social order that is amoral and technological Bypasses realms of values and focuses on routines of people (p 183 kit) Management over knowledge In favour of managing opportunity for crime and criminal behaviour Theoretical Grounding Rational Choice Theory Neoclassical (Beccaria, Bentham) Maximizing pleasure, minimizing pain Economic reasoning Criminal are rational decision makers to benefit themselves Choice to commit crime is made under flawed circumstances, not always economically motivated Crime is a choice (R. Clarke) Routine Activity Theory Crime out of reasoning, this is macro based on broader environment See how and where crime occurs Opportunity structure for crime Motivated offenders, suitable targets, capable guardians Defensible Space Term coined by Oscar Newman, 1972 Relationship btw physical environment and crime (barriers,obstacles) Can be manipulated to affect crime levels Offenders activities were difficult to observe Crime can be decreased when public officials of housing take responsibility for areas Residents would exercise normal territorial instincts Enhance territoriality Public space Semi-p
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