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York University
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SOSC 3654
Amanda Glasbeek

SOSC3654 SCP Cont'd New York City subway Covered in graffiti in the 70s Cars were the canvas for young urban artists Into the 80s, seen as a problem Form of urban blight (criminal defacement of public property) visual assault; creates fear Riders associated graffiti with other maintenance problems Led to decline in riders, dangers then rose Criminal justice agents (police presence) Tried diversion programs - supervision was expensive Traditional policing failed Situational prevention approach 1984 - clean car program Target-harden Increase the effort Increase the risk Reduce the reward Targeted hot spots for tagging Developed CAST, car appearance and security task force Encouraged mutual responsibility between all groups involed 1989 no more graffiti trains Critiques Diffusion of benefits vs displacement Stopping a crime in one place simply can move it elsewhere Quality of life that follows Clarke acknowledges the producing of fortress mentality Locking out criminals or imprisoning yourself in? Not exclusive of the rich for the perogatives Broken Windows vs. Social Development Broken Windows - criminology of the other Garland pg 184 "if the criminology of everyday life...language of warfare and social defense" moving police away from criminal justice and more into active front line aggressive role policing strategy - arrest based policy panhandling
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