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York University
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SOSC 3654
Amanda Glasbeek

SOSC3654 Politics of Crime Prevention & Security Community Crime Prevention (CCP) Social cohesion Mobilization Informal social control Treyvon Martin case blurs lines of neighbourhood watch and vigilante justice Since then, number of neighbourhood watch programs in new york have grown How do we know what community is? Gender, class issues Some see community as inclusive (Scheider reading), some see as exclusion (Finn reading) Neighbourhood Watch Date back to the 70s in the US 82 in Britain Report to the police any suspicious activities Not meant to be vigilante groups Retain an autonomy from the police Make residents feel that they have control over their neighbourhoods Schneider reading focuses on whether or not it works Which communities get mobilized to participate in these programs? Heterogeneous neighbourhoods Community is assumed to flow through integration Gender, race, income influences social cohesion Imagine NW as continuous crime prevention through social development NW and CPSD NW used as a mechanism to maintain the social development to further prevent crime Effort and engagement are the means and the end of the success of CPSD Capacity building - prerequisite for ongoing CCP Influx of public engagement NW can be envisioned as an extension of these principles and good outcome of building civic opportunities of CPSD Part of civic engagement would be a decentralization of control over local problems, take the form of block action groups Emphasis dialogue and problem solving More critical version of neighbourhood watch Proactive and dealing with needs of the community Community doesnt simply exist but requires effort to maintain relationships Collective actions that people take to allow them to take back their hoods Paternalistic view- assumes that poor or disadvantaged hoods lack the resources to maintain order Need other people to come in to help and do it for them Community brought into being through CPSD (capacity building) and maintained throug activist NW Canada has 4th fastest inequality gap in the world (betwe
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