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Lecture 5

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Social Science
SOSC 3993
Tracy Supruniuk

SOSC 3993 May 23, 2013 Lecture 5- Research Design Continued Conceptualization o Defines a concept ( process) of the variables  Ex: racism- how do you define racism  Concept of race- some races are inferior than others  Ex: depression – prolonged sad state; isolation no control over self o Clear when defining o Gives meaning through and indicator  Indicator- helps you define what you mean by that concept Operationalization o Take you definition and indicators and figure out how to measure your concept  Ex: survey- how will you ask question on how sad you are. o Question measuring each indicator  Ex: alcoholism  Jon Hopson University  Created a set of 20 questions to figure out if someone was an alcoholic o Good indicators of alcoholism Measurement-> observing o Levels of measurement 1. Nominal measures (basics)  Exhaustive- anybody can answer  Mutually exclusive- provides only one answer 2. Ordinal Measure  Logically ranked  Ex: Satisfied - no opinion- not satisfied  Exhaustive  Mutually exclusive 3. Interval measure  Exhaustive  Mutually exclusive  Logically ranked  Fixed, quantifiably observable units  No true zero point  Ex: dress size; size 6 , size 12, true to size  0 size or 00size, not true does not exist  Ex: 0 degrees doesn’t exist 4. Ratio measure  Has a true zero point  Ex: how many times you’ve married  Ex: how much money you have in your pocket o Important for statistical accuracy o Measurement quality  Validity- is it measuring what you think it’s measuring( truthful)  Reliability- how accurate is it o Validity 1. Face validity  whether measures look/ logical based on the concept your measuring  Ex: dancing- alcoholism  Content validity  Your measure us looking at all dimension/ indicators  Ex: income vs. how much you get payed at your job,  people have businesses, and investments to support income  Criterion Validity 1. Conc
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