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SOSC 3993
Tracy Supruniuk

SOSC-3993 Lecture Notes May 9 , 2013 Introduction  Debates o Who’s right is based on opinions o Easy to settle simple debates  Ex, crimes, statistics are not clear. o Complex issues; who do you know is right , you rely on knowledge o Knowledge  Is not always accurate  Product of social processes  Created by us, the social norms, but is not always correct o Social processes 1. Ex: earth revolves around the sun  No one wanted to believe Galileo, because of the Catholic tradition  Ex: Race is a category; skin colour  Or skull size, hair, eye, nose, height, sexual organs, intelligence  Accepted as common sense  Knowledge o Product of social processes o How is knowledge produced o Knowledge is not separate from power  It is used in the system of power  Used in the system of authority  Ex: Canadian History starts only when Europeans arrive not before o Knowledge is always imbedded in a system of politics  Ex: educational system, medical system, media, relion etc, are gatekeepers tell what is important and what is not o How do we know any particular knowledge is adequate? o Find out by asking the authorities or searching.  Authority o Based on position; based on knowledge o How to know , review there research, must review the research process o Ask yourself 5 questions when reviewing  Did the researcher choose the appropriate research method?  Have they conducted the research stages properly?  Ex: sampling, and how they did it  Have they done a good job addressing the question?  Have they made a valid interpretation of their finding?  What are the limitations of their research? o Or you can conduct the research yourself  The link Between Theory and Research  Theory and Data o 2 types of Data  Quantitative based on Numbers  Qualitative based on word o When doing research your Observing, measuring, recording patterns o Patterns are coincidence o Patterns themselves are meaningless o Patterns require meanings when you relate them to theory o Theory helps to explain data with a logical explanation o Never sure, but there is a strong relationship
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