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Chapter 3 Reading- NOTES

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SOCI 1010
Karen Anderson

Chapter 3 Reading - Sociological research is a scientific endeavor. - Research is supported by empirical (tangible) evidence.  Evidence that has been acquired through direct observation, and that can be verified or disproved by direct or indirect observation by more than one person. - All sociological research begins with research strategy. - Research strategy is the general approach a sociologist takes when managing an experiment. - A quantitative research strategy is an approach where the researcher collects data that can be quantified and expressed in terms of numbers, percentages, or rates. - A qualitative research strategy is an approach in which the researcher collects data that are rich in description and not easily measured using statistical procedures. - A research method us the actual technique a researcher uses to collect data. - Factors that influence all sociological research: Theory, Values, Epistemology, and Ontology. THEORY - Data are known facts or stats, gathered and used as the basis for reasoning, reference or calculation. A theory is an explanation of some observed regularity. How the researcher views the world; provides a guide for explaining any regularity he/she observes in the data. - Any theory both reveals and conceals certain aspects of human experience. (Ricoeur & Sullivan) - Merton felt that grand theories were ‘too remote from particular classes of social behavior, organization and change to account for what is observed’. - Empirical is verifiable by observation and experiment rather than theory or logic. - Theory may be used deductively or inductively. - When data are collected and analyzed in order to answer the questions raised by an existing theory – than the theory is deductive. (Usually used in quantitative) - Once the researchers have drawn generalizable inferences from
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