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rd Michelle Ng (209764432) November 3 , 2011 SOSC 1010 – Introduction to Sociology GROUP FEILD OBSERVATION ASSIGNMENT INDIVIDAL REPORT Research Questions  What are the most important aspects of the physical environment of North York General Hospital and how do they affect social interaction in that environment?  What are the rules of conduct in the public space under study? Who enforces those rules? How are the rules enforced?  How are the rules circumvented or broken by the people using the public space? Method To answer following research questions I conducted an unobtrusive observation of North York General Hospital located at 4001 Leslie St. The observation was conducted on October 13 , 2011 at 5pm which lasted for 30-40 minutes. Data were recorded as field notes. The trustworthiness of these observations was assured by comparing our observation results from the three areas we collected data from. Also everyone in the group have had experience of being the hospital and our after discussion about the behaviours and emotions from the patients in the three areas were similar. Results Arriving at the front entrance of the hospital; we decided to split into three areas to conduct the observation of the hospital because we figured that we would get more interesting results. It was decided that I would be responsible for observing the emergency waiting area in the hospital. Approaching the emergency entrance of the hospital there was a definitely sense of tension from a personal level watching the arriving ambulance and the paramedics going into the building and coming out again. The environment designed was similar to a waiting area at the doctor’s office but bigger and the tension in the atmosphere is different. There were a couple of individuals rd Michelle Ng (209764432) November 3 , 2011 scattered around doing different activities such as texting, calling, having conversations with friends or families that some came along with, and paramedics entering and signing papers near the registry area. The initial senses of the environment at the waiting area were a mixture of emotions: alertness, confusion, anxiety, restlessness, helplessness, impatience, and fear. The behaviour expressed was very similar to their facial expressions and the emotional tension that they exert into the environment. The behaviours recorded were people frequently asking questions regarding the wait, family and friends making small talks trying to show support and calming the patient that were either crying or were very concerned, and there were those resting their head against the wall and the less concerned on their cell phones. The body language majority of the patients showed were impatient, restlessness, and distress. The ways in which these attitudes affect the social interaction of the environment were as follows: the feeling of tension creates impatience- people don’t like being at the hospital and much rather be elsewhere, also the wait is so long that people gets frustrated and irritated with everything happening around them. For this reason the social interaction seems to lead to a more negative direction since people are frustrated with a mixture of emotion causing
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