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SOCI 1010
Karen Anderson

SOCI1010- Oct 6th 12:25 PM06-11 Quantitative & Qualitative Research Strategies  The sociological imagination: we live in a social world, that social world is ubiquitous, it is usually difficult for us to stand back and to understand the larger social forces that affect us - CW. Mills o We tend to see everything as person, as particular to ourselves, the more powerful the social forces acting on us are, the less likely we are going to be equipped to comprehend them without some extra work o When you stand outside what is normal and expected then suddenly hit about how strange reality really is  The sociological imagination is best describes as: the ability to interpret person circumstances in the context of the public and a critical thinking skill  Sociological perspective on reality: reality is produced in the interaction between the perceiver of those events Howard Becker  Something is real and therefore has to be taken seriously as the touchstone which tells us whether what we think is true should be accepted as such or not- when what i say about it will withstand all the criticisms and questions people can bring up to discredit it. o "I am not proposing a criterion for what truth really is, I'm simply saying what in practice has to happen so that other people who work in your field will accept what b you say as true or true enough." Critical Thinking  Have to get comfortable with uncertainty and question our belief system  As a critical thinker, a sociologist must: o Ask good researchable questions, formulate testable hypotheses o Choose appropriate research strategy, design and methods to collect data o Follow strict procedures... Theory: o directs our attention to certain aspects of people's behaviours, or to certain events or things, and suggest a framework by which we can understand what we observe o An explanation of observed regularities supported by extensive evidence o The terms used in science are very specific within a scientific mind frame o Hypothesis help us build theory - explanation, logical constructs of facts and are taken together helps us understand our surroundings o Theory most important thing is science, highest order in bring together evidence and constructing the more reasonable explanation Inductive vs. Deductive Theory  Which research is done to answer the questions posed by a theory, theory is used deductively to guide the collection and analysis of data  Theory can also be something that is arrived inductively, after the data has been collected and analyzed. In this case theory is arrived at when researchers draw generali
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